People often ask what we mean by our name, VaFanGoogle. Well, here’s an explanation:
VaFanGoogle is a bunch of things.

First, it’s the name of one of Jesterhood‘s songs, Back At Ya / VaFanGoogle which was released on their debut single, “Red | Black” in 2006. :) The spirit of that song embodies the notion that “everything you send, triplifies back at ya!”

Second, it’s the name of this site, set up early in 2006 to protest the US Government’s overeager regulators and Google for breaching the public trust in turning over data to gov’t investigators, especially when Google.cn did that by allowing itself to be government censored in China.

Third, instead of the Italian curse “vafanculo” (go f*ck yourself), vafangoogle offers a positive and funny alternative way to tell someone to go seek for the answer to their issues … :)


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