How Does the Zona Azul Parking Zone in Barcelona Work?

Sometimes parking in Barcelona can be a bit of a chaos, and that is why the Barcelona City Council has created a Parking Ordinance to regulate car parking on the streets of Barcelona. If you have travelled to Barcelona by car to stay at your tourist accommodation, and you need to know more on the […]

Best Things to See and Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect city for tourists, as it has an abundance of interesting activities to explore. The amazing climate in the city allows visitors to enjoy one of the most popular European cities whole year round, which makes you want to try its excellent gastronomic, cultural and leisure opportunities. Barcelona is definitely not like […]

Top 5 Honduran Restaurants in Barcelona

Do you want to know the best Honduran restaurants in Barcelona? Whether you’re craving for or just happen to be curious about the taste and flavor of Honduran cuisine, fortunately, Ciudad Condal has a variety of places where traditional Latin American or Central American gastronomy and culture come together. For our blog readers who might […]

Stores for Geeks in Barcelona

Geek Pride Day or El Día del Orgullo Friki  (in Spanish) is celebrated on May 25th each year. Barcelona has a rich variety of stores catered to the community whom are interested in the world of anime, manga, comic books, board games, video games, fun and unique accessories, embroidered or imprinted clothing with superheroes and […]

Moist Mark 25th Anniversary of Debut Album, Welcome Pearce Back into the Fold

After reuniting to great fanfare and acclaim from fans both old and new in 2013, 1990s Canadian alt-rock sensations Moist have been a regular on the summer festival circuit ever since, producing an album of […]

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Tips for Buying a Second Home

Many people would like to have the possibility of buying a second home. They would select a location that is close to where they spend their holidays and where they normally rent a property. Having a summer house shows a part of your status and financial means, but whether you want to buy a big […]