Decorating Your Balcony

Balconies are extensions of our house and their value is often underestimated. Depending on the size of your balcony, it can be a wonderful place to enjoy some fresh air, and taking into account that Barcelona has a mild climate, you can almost make use of your balcony all year round​. And that is why ShBarcelona will tell you all about how to decorate your balcony. We will give you some tips on furniture and decorations. No matter how big or small your balcony is, you should profit from it and start using it!

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How to enjoy your balcony in Barcelona

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In order to profit from your balcony you must first create a place to relax. There are many options, and the capacity of the area you have at your disposal is essential to choose one or the other. If you only have a very tiny balcony, do not despair, because a small stool, folding chair or a small trunk can surely be used as a place to sit. For a little more comfort you can add a nice cushion, as long as you make sure the fabric can be used outdoors, otherwise colours may fade or it may be damaged quickly. You can bring your tiny space more to life by investing in some nice plants. You can choose pots or baskets that hang from the railing. This way you will not lose any surface area on your balcony. Choose plants with vivid colours and flowers to brighten up your balcony immediately, but always remember that the variety you choose should correspond to the level of light on your balcony. Plants that require many hours of natural daylight will not thrive on shaded balconies. If you are in the fortunate position to have an even larger balcony, you can opt for a table and a couple of chairs. Imagine the breakfasts, lunches and dinners outside that you will be enjoying. For extra seating, you can choose a rustic trunk that can also be used to store objects. Add a couple of cushions and you are ready! You can also finish with a special outdoor carpet.

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When it gets dark you can decorate your balcony with lights. You can burn some candles or hang garland lights alongside your balcony or balcony door. These lights will bring warmth to your outside area, and it will make you never want to leave your balcony again. Your balcony will be the most favourite location for warm summer nights and al fresco dinners with friends. And if you still have some square meters left and have a large, sunny balcony or terrace, you could even sunbathe form the comfort of your own home. You can choose one or two hammocks or sunbeds, and with a couple of pots on the side with tropical plants, palm trees or cacti, you can even arrange for some privacy. These types of plants usually tolerate high temperatures, so they do not require daily care or attention. If you want to create even more privacy on your balcony, there are some easy and affordable solutions. You can choose different types of materials to attach to the railing of the balcony, like heather, bamboo or even canvas.

What do you like most about your balcony? Share your advice!

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