FXRRVST Releases First Single and Video From Forthcoming EP

Although 2020 has been anything but typical for most citizens of the world, Toronto-based indie-rock duo FXRRVST chose to use the atypical circumstances to their advantage.

As the pandemic hit in the earlier part of the year, the band issued Dear Friend; Part 1, a dynamic, radio-friendly release that spawned three singles, Bad Things, This Rough Patch, and Anxiety, racking up over 317,000 plays on Spotify.

And now, FXRRVST (pronounced “forest”), who have earned comparisons to Paramore and Tegan & Sara, returns in November with Dear Friend; Part 2, a new EP that serves to both continue the path laid out on Part 1 while also pushing the duo into new territory.

The first single/video, Here’s The Key, Don’t Lose It, is subtly optimistic, notable not only for its choice of a refrain instead of a chorus, but also the clever, confessional wordplay Forrest employs throughout the song. Despite the lack of conventional song structure, the message behind the song rightfully takes centre stage as the vocalist lays bare mental health struggles.

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