A biker charity event

by Ladislav Poledna | Prague Daily Monitor

Ladislav Poledna brings us a hard to come by Czech Charity event. The 12th annual MDA Ride Prague chapter changes up the event for 2020 but keeps the hope alive! Come and participate, English is encouraged.

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Hilton opens Beer Garden Karlín just in time for summer

CitySpy Prague

People in Prague like to joke that “beer is cheaper than water” here, and that’s definitely true at Beer Garden Karlín where, right now, you can get a beer starting at 25 crowns!

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Lest we forget, the Czechs became a free nation on May 8, 1945

Nina Hansen Machotka

Nina Hansen Machotka, who’s late father-in-law Otakar Machotka was one of the leaders of the CNC in the Prague Uprising, wrote an article as a small tribute to the events that helped end WWII in Europe.

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Week six of the quarantine: an experience

by Paul Lysek | Prague Daily Monitor

Week six is here and if things go according to plan this will be my next to last post weekend update. Things have gotten better fast and the pace of change is as unbelievable as the slide into lock-down.

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Day thirty nine of the quarantine: an experience

Prague Daily Monitor

We are in the midst of toilet training the youngest so that can be intense. Some parents say it comes naturally, some say it doesn’t come at all, and we say it is a lot of patience and work.

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Comic strip

by Vincent Farnsworth | Prague Daily Monitor

A Dog Called Hater comic strip is back!

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